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Publications (since 2004, in JCR-listed journals)

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  • "Viscoelastic properties of comb-shaped ring polystyrenes"
    *Doi, Yuya; Kitamura, Jinya; Uneyama, Takashi; Masubuchi, Yuichi; *Takano, Atsushi; Takahashi, Yoshiaki; Matsushita, Yushu
    POLYMER JOURNAL 54 (11) 1267-1277 NOV 2022.
  • "Terminal relaxation behavior of entangled linear polymers blended with ring and dumbbell-shaped polymers in melts"
    *Doi, Yuya; *Takano, Atsushi; Takahashi, Yoshiaki; Matsushita, Yushu
    RHEOLOGICA ACTA 61 (10) 681-688 OCT 2022.
  • "Highly Impact-Resistant Block Polymer-Based Thermoplastic Elastomers with an Ionically Functionalized Rubber Phase"
    Kajita, Takato; *Noro, Atsushi; Oda, Ryoji; Hashimoto, Sadaharu
    ACS OMEGA 7 (3) 2821-2830 JAN 25 2022. (Open Access) PDF
    Highlighted on Front Cover
    Ranked among the Top 20 most read articles in ACS Omega for the previous 30 days (Jan, 2022)
    Featured in Nikkei Business Daily (daily newspaper) on Jan 12, 2022 (Nikkei Online on Jan 14, 2022)
    Featured in Gomu Houchi Shimbun (weekly newspaper) on Jan 1, 2022
    Featured in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (daily newspaper) on Dec 23, 2021
    Featured in Japan Chemical Daily (daily newspaper) on Dec 21, 2021
    Press release from Nagoya University on Dec 20, 2021


  • "Triply Helical Giant Domain with Homochirality in a Terpolymer Blend System"
    Miyamori, Yuta; Suzuki, Jiro; Aoyama, Yoshitaka; Mihira, Tomohiro; *Matsushita, Yushu; *Takano, Atsushi
    ACS MACRO LETTERS 10 (7) 978-983 JUL 20 2021.
  • "Acidity effects of medium fluids on anhydrous proton conductivity of acid-swollen block polymer electrolyte membranes"
    Kajita, Takato; *Noro, Atsushi; Seki, Takahiro; Matsushita, Yushu; Nakamura, Naoki
    RSC ADVANCES 11 (31) 19012-19020 May 26 2021. (Open Access) PDF
  • "Extremely tough block polymer-based thermoplastic elastomers with strongly associated but dynamically responsive noncovalent cross-links"
    Kajita, Takato; Tanaka, Haruka; *Noro, Atsushi; Matsushita, Yushu; Nozawa, Atsushi; Isobe, Kousuke; Oda, Ryoji; Hashimoto, Sadaharu
    POLYMER 217 123419 MAR 5 2021.
    Featured in Gomu Houchi Shimbun (weekly newspaper) on Jun 14, 2021
    Ranked among Most Downloaded Polymer Articles in the last 90 days (Apr, 2021)
    Featured in The Gomutimes (weekly newspaper) on Feb 15, 2021
    Press release from Nagoya University on Jan 28, 2021
  • "Viscoelastic Properties of Dumbbell-Shaped Polystyrenes in Bulk and Solution"
    *Doi, Yuya; *Takano, Atsushi; *Takahashi, Yoshiaki; Matsushita, Yushu
    MACROMOLECULES 54 (3) 1366-1374 FEB 9 2021.


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